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The UK Connection - Page 2
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Richard Greene
Vivien Leigh
Reg Park
Vinnie Jones
Christopher Lee
Patrick McGoohan
Patrick Bergin
Conrad Phillips

Richard Greene
Adventures Of Robin Hood
Handsome, British born actor from a showbiz family whose career began with small appearances in the 1930’s & 40’s before easing into starring roles in the 1950’s such as “The Desert Hawk”, “Lorna Doone”, “Captain Scarlet” & later the TV Robin Hood series. 

Vivien Leigh:
This Oscar winning actress, who was once married to Laurence Olivier, won her 2 “Best Actress” Academy Awards for her roles in 2 of the most acclaimed films of the last century, as Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind” (1939) & as Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951).

Reg Park:
The bodybuilder whose Hercules films inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to start pumping iron, starred in 5 popular strongman epics in the 1960’s, his most famous films being, “Hercules & The Captive Women” “Hercules In The Haunted World” & “Samson In King Solomon’s Mines”.

Vinnie Jones:
Professional football player turned actor who manged to portray hero & villian both on the football pitch & in the movies. Vinnie’s big break came with a  role as a heavy in “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”. More film roles followed in  “Gone In Sixty Seconds”, “Snatch” & “Mean Machine”

Christopher Lee:
Tall, English actor who carved a niche for himself in horror flicks such as “The Curse Of Frankenstein” & “Dracula” (57 & 58) before becoming the Bond Villain, Scaramanga, in “The Man With The Golden Gun” (74). Most recently he appeared in the “Stars Wars” & “Lord Of The Rings” franchises. 

Patrick McGoohan:
Before Connery became James Bond, McGoohan was secret agent John Drake, the original 1960s super spy in the half hour TV Series “Danger Man”   (1960-61). The TV series proved so popular that it later returned in a 1 hour format & under a new title “Secret Agent” (1964-66). 

Patrick Bergin
Robin Hood
Irish math teacher who was in his late 30’s when he made his big screen film debut opposite Pierce Brosnan “Taffin”. Other acting roles soon followed, most notably, “Sleeping With The Enemy”, “ Robin Hood”, “Patriot Games” & “Amazons & Gladiators”.

Conrad Phillips
(William Tell)
British born actor whose film carrer began in the late 1940’s & early 1950’s with appearances in films such as “Song Of Tomorrow”, “The Temptress”, “The Last Page”, “Mantrap”, “Zarak”, “The Last Man To Hang” & “Circus Friends” before becoming TV’s William Tell.

Kim Cattrall
Donald Pleasence
Robert Shaw
Jason Statham
Alfred Hitchcok
Timothy Dalton
Cary Elwes
Jason Connery

Kim Cattrall:
This English born actress made her mark in the 1980’s in films such as, “Porky’s”, “Big Trouble In Little China”, “Mannequin” “Masquerade” & “Police Academy”, before playing Britney Spears’ mom in “Crossroads” (2002) & winning a Golden Globe for TV’s “Sex & The City”.

Donald Pleasence:
London stage actor whose long film career consisted mainly of villainous roles, became the first actor to portray Bond’s arch enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld in “You Only Live Twice” (1967). Other memorable films include,“The Great Escape”, “Watch Out We’re Mad” & “Fantastic Voyage” (1966).

Robert Shaw:
English charcater actor who gained world attention playing henchman Donald “Red” Grant in the second James Bond thriller “From Russia With Love” (1963).  Other memorable roles include, Quint, the shark hunter, in “Jaws” (1975) & the Sheriff Of Nottingham in “Robin & Marian“ (1976).

Jason Statham:
Former professional diver & street hustler from the UK who went from brief modeling stints & TV commercials to roles in films such as “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch”, “The One” & “Mean Machine” before starring in the action flick “The Transporter” (2002).

Alfred Hitchcock:
Highly respected British born directed with the immediately recognizable bald head & pear shaped body, became known as “The Master Of Suspense” after directing a string of critically acclaimed thrillers such as“Dial M For Murder”, “Rear  Window”, “Vertigo”, “Psycho” & “The Birds”.

Timothy Dalton:
This classically trained Shakespearian actor moved from the stage to character  roles in period films such as “Cromwell” “Wuthering Heights” & “Mary, Queen Of Scots” before moving into action  films like “Flash Gordon” & of course his two high-tech James Bond adventures.

Cary Elwes
Robin Hood: Men In Tights
After small roles in British films (“Yesterday’s Hero”, “Another Country”, “Lady Jane”) Cary got his big break in the US fairy tale adventure “The Princess Bride”. Other roles followed including, “Glory”,  “Robin Hood Men In Tights”, “The Crush” and “Hot Shots”.

Jason Connery
Robin Of Sherwood
Son of 007 star Sean Connery, this tall, blue eyed, blonde haired, Englishman took over the role of TV’s Robin Hood  from actor Michael Praed in the 3rd season of “Robin Of Sherwood”. In 1990 Jason starred  in “Spymaker: The Secret Life Of Ian Fleming”

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