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TV Cowboys

Ty Hardin

Ty Hardin

“Bronco” Starring Ty Hardin:
New York born, but Texas raised hunk, who began his career with a starring role in the Warner Bros TV western series “Bronco” (1958 - 1962). When the series ended Ty eased into films such as “Merrill’s Marauders” (1962), “PT 109” (1962) & “Palm Springs Weekend” (1963). Ty later returned to TV to star in the Australian cop series “Riptide”(1968).

Fact File

Birth Name: Orton Whipple Hungerford II

Date Of Birth: 1st June 1930

Place Of Birth: New York, USA

Height: 6’ 2”

Spouses: Some reports indicate that Ty has been married 6 times. Reports also suggest he has 5 children & 3 stepchildren.

Signature TV Role:
Bronco Layne in “Bronco” (1958 - 1962)

Ty is now retired from acting & is a preacher in Prescott, Arizona.

Ty Hardin

Ty Hardin as “Bronco Layne” on VHS

Bronco VHS
Ty Hardin was Bronco Layne, a former Confederate officer who finds adventure and action in the West after the War Between the States, meeting such famous (and infamous) figures as Jesse James, Billy the Kid and Belle Starr. Each tape of this ABC series, broadcast from 1960 to 1962, runs 50 min.

Bronco: Death Of An Outlaw VHS
During the 1878 Lincoln County Cattle War in New Mexico, Bronco finds himself in the middle of a feud between outlaw-turned-family man Billy the Kid and buffalo hunter Pat Garrett. Stars Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne.

Bronco: Shadow Of Jesse James VHS
James Coburn plays a nasty Jesse James in this episode that finds Bronco saved from James' wrath by Cole Younger and meeting Belle Starr. Stars Ty Hardin as Bronco Layne.


Ty Hardin’s Top 10 Movies on DVD & VHS

Merrill's Marauders(1962) VHS
Director Samuel Fuller's two-fisted war story is set in 1942 and focuses on a troop of brave American volunteer soldiers who help the British prevent an invasion of India by the Japanese. Jeff Chandler stars as the infantry's leader; Ty Hardin, Peter Brown and Claude Akins also star. 98 min.

Palm Springs Weekend(1963) VHS
Easter week brings together college jocks and pretty young women in this lively teenage tale. Romance, brawls and jealousy set the stage for trouble and torrid love affairs with Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Ty Hardin, Stefanie Powers and Robert Conrad. 99 min.

PT 109(1964) VHS
The inspiring story of World War II Navy Lieutenant John F. Kennedy and his fight to keep his crew alive when their boat is sunk in the South Pacific stars Cliff Robertson as the young Kennedy. With Ty Hardin, Robert Culp, Robert Blake. 140 min.

Battle Of The Bulge(1965) VHS
Spectacular battle sequences highlight this all-star WWII epic. It's the Allied troops vs. the Nazi Panzers in the Ardennes. Some of the greatest action scenes ever presented! Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson & Ty Hardin. 156 min.

Moving Target(1969) VHS
International intriguer with Yank Ty Hardin as the world's top thief, wanted by cops and criminals alike for the tooth he extracted from a corpse in prison. The tooth has secret microfilm in it that includes important double agent info. Michael Rennie, Gordon Mitchell also star; spaghetti western maestro Sergio Corbucci helms. AKA: "Death on the Run."

You're Jinxed, Friend... You've Met Sacramento(1970) VHS
Shake hands with Jack "Sacramento" Thompson, one of the orneriest hombres that ever rode the prairies. When a corrupt town boss kidnaps his kids, Sacramento sets out to free them and show the crook just how jinxed he is. Ty Hardin, Giacomo Rossi Stuart star. 99 min.

Fire!(1977) VHS
A convict sets a forest fire to cover his escape. As the fire threatens the neighboring timberland community, emotions burn as hot as the blaze. Tense Irwin Allen thriller with Ernest Borgnine, Patty Duke Astin, Donna Mills & Ty Hardin. 98 min.

Spurs Of Death!(1983) VHS
Fast-paced actioner set amid the violent and illegal sport of cockfighting, where the only thing deadlier than the battling bantams are the men who own them. Vince Van Patten, Jeff Corey, Ruta Lee, Ty Hardin and Kristine DeBell ("Alice in Wonderland") star. AKA: "Rooster." 90 min.

Bad Jim(1989) VHS
The first movie ever about Billy the Kid's horse. When an innocent man buys it, he begins a spree of robbing and killing. Now, this is a horse of a different color! James Brolin, Richard Roundtree, John Clark Gable & Ty Hardin star. 90 min.

Rescue Me(1993) VHS
In a Nebraska town, a teenager whose father was killed in Vietnam befriends a tough but understanding Vietnam veteran who serves as a surrogate dad and helps him rescue a kidnapped girl he has fallen for. Michael Dudikoff, Stephen Dorff and Ami Dolenz star in this coming-of-age story spiked with exciting chases. Also, Ty Hardin appears as Sheriff Gilbert. 99 min.


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