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TV Cowboys

Chuck Connors

“The Rifleman” starring Chuck Connors:
Baseball player turned actor who got his big break when a sports fan (casting agent) recommended him for a role in the Spencer Tracey comedy “Pat & Mike”. In no time at all Chuck moved into TV roles, most notably, as Lucas McCain in “The Rifleman” (1958 - 1963).

Fact File

Birth Name:
Kevin Joseph Connors

Date Of Birth: 10th April 1921

Place Of Birth:
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Date Of Death: 10th November 1992

Place Of Death: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 6’ 5”

Elizabeth Jane Riddell (1948 - 1961)
Faith Quabius (1977 - 1979)
Kamala Devi (1963 - 1972)

Children: 4 sons; Mike, Jeff, Steve & Kevin

Film Debut: “Pat And Mike” (1952)

Signature TV Role: Lucas McCain in “The Rifleman” (1958 - 1963)

Chuck’s Other Popular TV Shows:
* “Arrest & Trial” (1963 - 1964)
* “Branded” (1965 - 1966)
* “Cowboy In Africa” (1967 - 1968)
* “Thrill Seekers” (1973 - 1974)

Notable Feature Film Appearances:
* Old Yeller (1957) with Fess Parker
* The Big Country (1958) with Gregory Peck
* Geronimo (1962)
* Flipper (1963)
* Ride Beyond Vengeance (1966)
* The Proud And The Damned (1972)

Chuck Connors
Chuck Connors
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Chuck Connors
Chuck Connors
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Chuck Connors as “The Rifleman” on DVD & VHS

The Rifleman
The Rifleman VHS
In this action-packed and often sensitive show which ran on ABC from 1958 to 1963, Chuck Connors plays rancher Lucas McCain, a widower who uses his Winchester rifle to help keep the peace. Johnny Crawford co-stars as Connors' son, Mark, and Paul Fix is the town marshal. Except where noted, each tape features five episodes and runs about 140 min. Peckinpah worked on the show. Each tape features three 30-minute shows and is introduced by Connors.

The Rifleman Boxed Set, Vol. 1 [DVD] DVD
Includes volumes 1-4 on four discs. 570 min. total.

The Rifleman Boxed Set, Vol. 2 [DVD] DVD
Includes volumes 5-8 on four discs. 500 min. total.

The Rifleman, Vol. 1 [DVD] DVD
Includes "The Sharpshooter," the series' premiere, with Dennis Hopper and Leif Erickson; "Home Ranch"; Michael Landon in "End of a Young Gun"; "The Marshal" with Paul Fix and Warren Oates; and "Duel of Honor" with Jack Elam. 140 min.


Chuck Connors’ Top 10 Movies on DVD  & VHS

Pat And Mike(1952) VHS
Crisp direction from George Cukor and "cherce" Ruth Gordon/Garson Kanin dialogue highlight this comedy about shady sports promoter Spencer Tracy and his latest find, college gym teacher Katharine Hepburn. With William Ching, Aldo Ray, and early appearances by Charles Bronson and Chuck Connors. 95 min.

Hot Rod Girl(1956) VHS
In an attempt to curb teenage drag racing in his town, policeman Chuck Connors sets up a supervised racetrack, but the accidental death of a boy threatens the lives of all involved in this early "teen drama." Mark Andrews, Lori Nelson star. 79 min.

Designing Woman [DVD](1957) DVD
Spry romantic farce stars Gregory Peck as a sportswriter and Lauren Bacall as a dress designer whose new marriage is strained because of their varied interests. Things get even more tense when their former beaus enter the scene. Vincente Minnelli directs; with Dolores Gray, Sam Levene, Chuck Connors. 117 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby mono, French mono; Subtitles: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; behind-the-scenes footage; biographies; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Old Yeller [DVD](1957) DVD
Disney's deeply moving family drama set in the Texas frontier of the 1860s, about a farm family who find their lives changed by the stray yellow dog they take in. Fess Parker, Dorothy McGuire, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran star. 89 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: Spanish; audio commentary by Kirk, Parker, Corcoran, more; bonus short; bonus cartoon; featurettes; interview; publicity materials.

Flipper(1963) VHS
They call him Flipper, that daring, dynamic dolphin who's ``faster than lightning,'' and when a shark attacks the boy who cared for him after a life-threatening spearing, Flipper swims to the rescue. Heartfelt family adventure stars Chuck Connors, Luke Halpin, and Mitzi as Flipper. 91 min.

The Proud And The Damned(1972) VHS
Five young Civil War veterans find themselves caught in the middle of another revolution when they travel to Central America and are captured by a dictator and forced to fight. War thriller stars Chuck Connors, Aron Kincaid, Cesar Romero. 92 min.

Soylent Green [DVD](1973) DVD
In the year 2022, New York--and the world--is a mess, thanks to overpopulation, pollution and modern-day savagery. The government has a secret that will cure all of society's ills, and Charlton Heston is out to get it! Chuck Connors, Leigh Taylor-Young, Edward G. Robinson. 100 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, Japanese, French.

Tourist Trap [DVD](1979) DVD
Chuck Connors plays the deranged owner of a deserted wax museum where amazingly lifelike ``mannequins'' are part of the exhibition. Tanya Roberts is one of the women-in-distress in this moody horror flick, produced by Charles Band. 85 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary; theatrical trailer; filmographies.

Salmonberries [DVD](1991) DVD
In her acclaimed film debut, singer k.d. lang plays a young, androgynous Eskimo woman living in Alaska who falls in love with a librarian from East Berlin. Rosel Zech and Chuck Connors also star in this unusual romance, in which lang sings "Barefoot." Directed by Percy Adlon ("Bagdad Cafe"). 94 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; photo gallery; music video; interviews.

The Gambler Returns: The Luck Of The Draw (1991)/The Gambler V: Playing For Keeps [DVD](1994) DVD
It's the wildest game for frontier rogue Kenny Rogers yet, as he gets involved with shady lady Reba McEntire, takes a dangerous cross-country trek, meets a passel of TV gunslingers (including Chuck Connors, Gene Barry, Hugh O'Brian and Clint Walker), and winds up playing cards with Teddy Roosevelt! Rick Rossovich, Linda Evans and Mickey Rooney also star. Then, has frontier cardshark-turned-do-gooder Brady Hawkes (Rogers) finally run out of luck when he tries to keep his son from falling in with notorious outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? There's plenty of Western adventure and fun in this fifth "Gambler" installment. Loni Anderson, Dixie Carter and Bruce Boxleitner star. 360 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital


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